Hi, y'all. I'm Andi Vargas Severin Goins.

(Yeah, it's a handful.)

Photo credit: Reverie Photo Co.

Thanks for visiting my shop, Sevargo! For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a passion for creating colorful & whimsical things. And while I probably would have been perfectly happy spending every single day with a large sketch book and the biggest box of colored pencils I could find, my parents insisted (unbelievable, isn’t it?) that I actually go to school. After 13 years of a great K-12 education in my beloved hometown of Fort Worth, Texas, I was off to Vanderbilt University where I received a B.A. in studio art and art history. Then, I topped it off with an M.A. from the University of Texas at Austin. With formal education behind me and my continued and ever-developing love of art and design, I was fortunate to spend the next five-plus years in an inspiring and enriching position at the Dallas Museum of Art. Finally in 2017, I knew it was time…to return to my huge box of colored pencils and Sevargo was born.

My son James and my family (including my 2 fur babies Artemisia the Mal-Shi and Sally the golden retriever) are my whole heart and soul, though creating beautiful and unique things is my passion. Oh, and wine. 😉 In my creative process (but also life in general!) authenticity of one’s personal style, but also risk-taking and open-mindedness are very important to me - staying true to one’s vision while maintaining space for growth. I truly value our amazing local small biz community and do everything I can to support my colleagues. I use local manufacturers and printers as much as possible, even if it means lower profit margins. Being grateful for each and every moment and celebrating all the wins, big and small, are daily mantras and at Sevargo’s core. Sevargo began as a passion project, and as long as it remains so, I will continue to enthusiastically pour time, energy and love into it.

What does Sevargo even mean??

“Sevargo” (pronounced seh-VAR-goh) is a mash-up of all my last names:

  • Severin - My original last name (aka my "maiden" name)
  • Vargas - My middle name (and my mama’s maiden name, and now, it's also my son's middle name)
  • Goins - My hubby and son's last name

And the font in the Sevargo logo is just a cleaned up version of the handwriting I use when signing my name.